Meet the Team

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Meet Caleb


Caleb founded First Class Catering in 2013 under the premise that professionally served great food should be the foundation of every event.  In the 8 years since,  First Class Catering has expanded across the state. Caleb has a private meeting with every bride and groom, and his unique perspective and love of food can help elevate your wedding to an event people will be talking about for years to come.

Our Chefs

Executive Chef Seth Shelton

From Seth:

As a young man of 15. starting in the culinary industry, I, as many before me, worked in every aspect of food and beverage. After a short time I began to become more and more interested in the culinary side of it and saw an opportunity to work beside a very talented local chef. As years continued I focused on learning from the experience of the chefs before me and combined that with my own research. I began to find my own style and talent combining tradition with the more contemporary and the exploration of different cultural cooking. I would like to believe I am well versed in many culinary forms but with still so much to learn, as new amazing things are done everyday. Today my inspiration comes in many form, decades of chefs, my peers, my friends, and my wife and children. In this ever changing world I will look forward to obtaining the knowledge and accepting the challenges put before me as a chef and as a father.   


Chef Addison Clerc is the newest addition to our team!

With extensive experience in fine dining and the food industry, he brings new dishes and flavors to all of our FCC clients!

Client Communication

Meet Jessica


Jessica has been the administrator and project manager of First Class Catering for over two years. Jessica's love of organization and all things wedding has led her to be one of the lead planners of First Class Events. She’ll never tire of wedding talk and is always available to discuss the smallest of details. 

Event Managers



Will has been a member of the FCC time for two years. He is our primary event lead at Factory 12 Event Loft.


Hannah attends Louisiana State University during the school year and acts as our lead event manager during wedding season.



Allison is currently a student at Indiana University and manages all First Class Catering Events at

The Wilds Venue.


Our newest addition to the manager team, Aaron has been working for First Class Catering for two years.



Kaemon is the facilities director and event lead for

First Class Catering. Commonly referred to as our "Swiss army knife".


Rachael has extensive experience in the food industry and serves as both a bartender and event lead.

Catering Director


Bree began working for us over 5 years ago as a part-time job. After two years as our catering director,  Bree has since moved on to study Graphic Design at Xavier University, but still acts as an advisor to management on high level planning and event execution