How to personalize your wedding

Wedding with Masks

Make it Your Own

When planning a wedding, you’re told to make decisions about you as a couple.  Choose the bride’s favorite flowers.  Pick a photographer who’s style fits your aesthetic. Tell the DJ what genres of music to play.  All of these choices are meant to cultivate a day that perfectly incapsulates you as a couple.  Then you get to the catering, and the voices start to creep in…


“Your dad doesn’t like seafood”


“Aunt Edna doesn’t eat red meat”


“Lots of people don’t like mushrooms”


We’ve seen it too many times, and we are here to tell you to block those voices out – and to do so with the following things in mind!


1.      No menu will ever make 150 people happy.  The Cheesecake Factory has over 180 items on its menu because that’s what it takes to please 300 people a night.  If 10% of your guests wouldn’t order what you serve them off a menu no matter what, you might as well pick a menu you really love.

2.     Most people who ‘don’t like’ certain foods have either never tried them, or never had them prepared well.  Forcing people to try new things is not a burden, it is a gift.

3.     Wedding food gets a bad rap for being bland because people try to shoehorn in a menu that ‘most people’ will not be offended by. 

4.     If they don’t love their free meal – there’s a McDonald’s on the way home!


We want you to use your food to tell a story.  Highlight the kind of food you had on your first date.  Serve an appetizer with a nod to each member of the couple’s heritage.  Serve your grandma’s famous potato dish on the buffet.  All of these things are possible with a custom caterer like First Class Catering – and we can’t wait to help you wow your guests.