These are a few FAQ's and our standard policies.
If you have any additional questions that were not answered here,
feel free to email


What is a full-service caterer?

As a full-service catering company, we include china, flatware, and glassware with each of our packages. We provide 1 server for every 25 guests, plus an event lead. You may also see our chefs on site depending on the meal!
Our team is on site from setup until our services are entirely complete and cleaned up.


Are linens included?

No, we are not a rental company, but partner with A Classic Party Rental to make this process easier for everyone! 
While the cost of your desired linens are not included in our packaging, once you let us know the color, material, quantity, and sizing of the linens you need- we will take it from there!
Our team will handle the ordering, pick-up, folding, setting, clean up, and return of these items for no additional charge.


What is the 20% service charge on my invoice?

Service charge is an industry standard, especially among full-service catering companies. This accounts for all of our costs that go beyond the food itself. Instead of charging for travel, staffing, equipment, etc. everything is included here. We list this at the bottom of all of our menus and are fully transparent about this percentage.


Is gratuity required?

No, gratuity is not required! Our staff is well-compensated for their work, and does not expect a tip. However, it is always appreciated if you choose to do so!
When we send your BEO for approval, you will have the option to select a gratuity. This is entirely optional, but many clients find this to be ideal when paying online.
Any gratuity goes directly to the catering staff on-site for your event.


Do you cut wedding cake?

Yes! This is a service that we offer free of charge. We just ask that you let us know of any special instructions or details regarding the cake prior to the event (such as saving the top tier, decor, etc.).
It is our standard practice to cut the cake and set the pieces on high quality, clear plastic plates on a designated dessert table where the guests come up and select their pieces. We provide these plates, plastic forks, and cocktail napkins for no additional charge. If you are interested in china plates or a seat-served cake service, inquire today!


Is coffee included?

No, coffee is not included in our packages outside of our Breakfast Menu. 
We are happy to add coffee services to your order in either disposable or china mugs depending on your preference. This service includes assorted sugars, creamers, and stirrers. Iced tea, water, and lemonade are included in most of our packages.


When are final counts due?

We need a finalized menu 30 days before and a final guest count 8 days prior to your event.


Do you have a minimum?

This is subject to change depending on our booking status and availability, but our standard policy is a weekday minimum of $300 for a delivery, and a weekend minimum may start at $1500.


None of the dates on Acuity work for me, is it possible to get another time set up for a tasting or consultation.

We will do our best to accommodate you! However, we can never do consultations or tastings on a Saturday.


What do we need to do to avoid losing our date?

If you have completed an official phone consultation with us, your date is prospective in our calendar until you've worked through the process of your tasting.  After your tasting, we give a couple of weeks grace period to make sure you have sufficient time to make the best decision for you. 
However, if you are still worried, we are happy to take your deposit before the process to insure your date, but it is non-refundable!