Building the Perfect Plate


 Crafting a meal is an art.  Creating a single meal that makes hundreds of people happy is impossible, but we can get very close.  Wedding catering gets a bad reputation for bland chicken and cold vegetables – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  As we enter a post-Covid world, we believe plated meals are here to stay.  Previously, the average wedding did a buffet to avoid the logistical nightmare of getting meal choices from their guests – but the creation of  The Knot wedding RSVPS has alleviated that concern.  Now – we have to figure out how to do 2 or 3 dishes that all speak to the tastes of the couple, but still provide a flavorful, colorful plate for their guests.

             We start with taste. At First Class Catering, we do a private phone consultation with all of our couples.  We ask questions about the kind of foods they like, what they don’t like, their favorite restaurants, and what they eat when they’re celebrating.  From there, we choose the entrees for their tasting. This typically includes 6 or 7, and we begin to pair them with starches and sides.  A sweet entrée, like our Apple Chutney Pork Tenderloin, is paired with a more subtle starch – a Parmesan Risotto for layering.  A heartier entrée, our Hawaiian Black Sea Salt Filet, is paired with a cheesy potato, or our award-winning Six Cheese Macaroni and Cheese.  These flavors are classic, served in every steakhouse in the world, but require special finesse to put out in a venue without a kitchen two hours from our home base.


             The next step is color.  This is achieved with vegetables, sauces, and garnish.  Asparagus is a favorite, available in multiple colors, and creates a visual division in the plate.  Zucchini and Squash blends can be garnished with tomato, and brings life to a plate with previously dull colors.  Traditional Italian meals can be well balanced with Haricot Vert and Italian parsley.

             That being said, the “Perfect Plate” only works if it stays true to the vision the couple has for their wedding day. We’re always reinventing ways to serve old classics and keep wedding guests entertained. Expanding our full-service and fully-customizable menus is a continued journey- and we look forward to working with more couples to build plates we haven’t tried yet.