Top 5 reasons not

to cater your

own wedding


Here at First Class Catering, we’re members of several wedding message boards for brides in the area.  Every day, we see brides posting that they will be ‘doing their own catering!’ and we go and hide under our chafing dishes.  We wanted to put together our top 5 cautionary tales for why to hire a professional!


  1. Time - Your wedding day will be the most regimented day of your life!  Hair and makeup at 8:00 AM, ready for your first look at 12:30, and tucked away ready to walk down the aisle at 3:15!  Taking time out of this schedule to go move food, set up a buffet, and make sure everything goes into the oven on time seems easy enough, but it will be the last thing you want to think about on your big day.  Some brides say their parents will handle the food on the day of, but too often parents (especially dads) underestimate how much they are involved in the pictures and schedule of events, too!

  2. Stress -  First Class Catering brings a team of 5+ event professionals to every wedding.  We have hundreds of weddings worth of experience, guaranteeing your day will go smoothly – and it can be stressful for us, too. Your wedding day should be as stress-free for you and your family as possible, so let us handle the difficult parts.

  3. Liability -  Even if you aren’t a professional catering company, you are responsible for the health and safety of your guests.  The Board of Health manual for safe food handling is hundreds of pages long – and something people spend years mastering.  It is remarkably easy to make a simple mistake that could lead to all of your guests getting sick… and that’s before the risk of alcohol service without liability insurance.

  4. Guest Experience – Studies show that food and beverage is the most memorable part of every wedding! Why choose this area to cut your budget?  Hire the right professional, and people will be commenting for years to tell you how great the food was!

  5. The Unknown -  We cater 200+ weddings a year – and we love to tell people that we’ve seen 200+ beautiful weddings, but we’ve also seen 200+ ways a wedding can go wrong! Even the weddings that have been planned down to every detail will have issues – you want professionals on site who know how to handle those situations when they arise – and make sure you never even know they happened!